Professional pouring of concrete floors

Professional pouring of concrete floors

Providing quality services for pouring concrete floors.

The operational properties of the premises at the enterprise largely depend on such factors as the strength of the concrete floor. Professional pouring of concrete floors is necessary for the preparation of industrial floors in production shops, warehouses, parking lots.

Floor surface requirements required in a production environment.

Taking into account the increased load on the floor surface in such rooms, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of the work performed. In this case, the following requirements are put forward for such a surface:

– resistance to sudden changes in temperature conditions;

– durability;

– fire safety;

– increased strength and tightness of the coating.

The top layer of the surface, however, is more susceptible to wear, given the increased stress on it in industrial conditions. In these operating conditions, to increase the wear resistance of concrete floors, it is proposed to apply a special coating (so-called topping).

Depending on the purpose of the premises to which the concrete floor will be poured, various classifications of concrete are proposed, depending on the required properties:

– with increased resistance to power loads for warehouses, workshops and cargo terminals;

– resistant to moisture, which is necessary in rooms with appropriate conditions;

– concrete floors resistant to abrasion and chemical destruction, as well as low temperature conditions.

– explosion-proof and antistatic coatings.

Provision of professional pouring services for concrete floors, in accordance with all generally accepted standards of quality, strength and ease of use at affordable prices.